Removing Fears & Phobias

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Fears and phobias can be very debilitating, we treat a full range of Fears & Phobias


Fears and phobias can be very debilitating.

We treat a full range of Fears & Phobias such as:

  • Insects
  • Bugs
  • Reptiles
  • Flying
  • Exam Nerves

this list is not exhaustive. Using a variety of techniques such as Kinetic Shift, Brain Working Recursive Therapy & Advanced Emotional Freedom Therapy.

One session is usually all that is needed. Can be discussed at your appointment. FREE MP3 Recording to take away.

5 reviews for Removing Fears & Phobias

  1. Susan O’ Keefe

    I had a fabulous session with Jacquelyn 2 years ago with a wasp phobia. She is so passionate and attentive in her approach. She is also fun to work with. 2 years on and I am still wasp phobia free!

  2. Tanya Morris

    I had a massive and I mean massive fear of spiders. I saw Jackie in the summer of 2018. We had just bought a new house and I could not stay there alone with out my husband. It had to change. Just one session and I was able to stay alone at home. At first when I saw a spider I would start to feel all tingly but the feelings soon went. The test was when I had to remove one from my stair way!

    So it’s years on and I am no so over it.

    Best money ever spent.

    Thanks Jackie!

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