Ready to let go of Sugar?

Don't be a slave to your cravings!

Very often, when we crave chocolate and sugary snacks, it can be a signal that we are lacking in vital nutrients or craving some "sweetness" in our live's. It may be that we have starved ourselves all day, when this happens, the brain needs sugar and when it needs it, it needs it now! We are rendered powerless. Women can especially crave it, typically at the "time of their month".

We know too much sugar is bad for us. However, trying to reduce the amount of sweet things we eat isn’t always easy. The Mind Coaching techniques I use, will release these cravings for you in one session. Tried and Tested by Yours Truly -

Let me show you my Secrets! Free MP3 Recording with your Session.

20 a day for one year, what could you do with an extra 9 grand?


Is it time to beat the Nicotine Monster?

We Address Three Key Areas!

Are You Ready to become My Next Success Story?Did you know Smoking is reported to put you in a 75% risk of having a chronic illness or a cancerous condition, especially y over the age of 40? Heart disease is now the biggest killer to a smoker, cancer is second, COPD third!

If you have children or grandchildren, these FACTS should be enough to make you want to Quit! Sadly, they are not. Many believe they are addicted to smoking, the Media and clever advertising have brainwashed us for years, due to this, many believe that Quitting for them is not an option! This is not true. Statistics show that Hypnosis is four times more effective than any nictone and drug replacement on the market.

I hate to say it, but I was once a smoker like you, I remember putting my last ciggie out on my 27th birthday (I am now 50!) and I have never looked back. This leaves many of us to question, is Smoking a Habit or an Addiction? I work solely with your belief system. My Bespoke QS Program works on three main areas:-

The Addiction - The Habit - The Emotional Need
It is  held over three sessions
You have two MP3's to take away
I provide free weekly Support for 30 days

When you quit smoking, it will be the best gift you can give  to yourself and  your family.  When you can finally admit that you have had enough, that your ciggies are killing you, please contact me and let's get you back on the road to health, fitness and longevity.


N>B  Mp3's include 1) Personalised Crave Busters  2) Generic Mindfulness Meditation.


Imagine walking into every situation filled with Confidence!

Having more confidence can change your life! My Motivational Hypnosis session is pure Dynamite!

  • It allows you to be you!
  • It provides stability when you are faced with a challenge
  • It can give you that push to help you overcome your difficulties.
  • It can give you unshakable confidence to deal with any situation.

Confidence and Assertiveness are two  necessary attributes to have in your personal and professional lives, without it,  one would not be "as" successful.  Being Confident will give you the ability to stand up to face your challenge's,  go for that promotion,  start your own business, make that phone call or ask that person (you fancy) on a date!  Being Confident can also allow you to master tasks such as Public Speaking,  it can help you sail through Exams or your Driving Test.

Becoming Confident can literally change your life.  It can instill total self-belief and increase your self esteem.  If your ready to Let Go of that part that holds you back -   let's get to work and help you become your true confident fantastic self.

As part of  your therapy session, you will receive a FREE MP3 recording to ensure maximum results.


Anxiety - Referred to as The Silent Soul Destroyer

Manage & Release Your Anxiety

Living with Anxiety can be soul destroying, the continuous palpitations in your heart, constant negative thoughts and feelings of dread, can lead you to feel like you are going round the bend. This program will help sooth your nerves, calm your mind and release your Anxiety & Stress over four weekly sessions.

This Hypnotic Mind Coaching Program includes many coping strategies. I will also be looking at your life style and making subtle changes such as, eating for health, moving for health and teaching you correct relaxation skills. These key areas are so important for recovery. I also work with you to help you manage your time and routines more effectively.

Throughout our weekly sessions, we will explore your Anxiety in depth to allow us to get to the root cause. Once we find this, we can gently release it. I fully understand that suffering from Anxiety can make you feel like you are in an endless dark tunnel, my Anxiety Program will help you find the light at the end.

FREE MP3 Recordings with each session to take away away including a FREE Mindfulness Meditation on booking.

Fertility & Conception Support with Hypnosis

This in-depth program is based on Trans-formational Regression Hypnosis and Lifestyle.

When you are trying to conceive - it can quickly lead to feelings of frustration, heartache and despair.

When no medical issues are detected, we can perhaps state it is all in the mind and due to an emotional block. This Program is suitable for both male and female. It offers a totally Natural & Holistic Approach to Fertility and Conception. My Trans-formational Regression Hypnosis allows us to get to the root cause of your energy block's, remove them, so you can go on to conceive a beautiful and healthy Baby.

My program has proven to be 68% successful since 2015. These figures would have been higher. Those who stayed the course, conceived and now have beautiful babies. The ones who were not successful, were the ones who did not complete the full program.
The NHS has stated that IVF and IUI is only 25% to 36% successful and can take up to 3 attempts. My Program to date has proved to be up to 50% more successful.

My Six week Fertility & Conception Support Program is totally natural and non evasive.

Each session is recorded via MP3 to take away and you are encouraged to listen to them for the duration of the Program.

Positive Pregnancy

& Perfect Birth Programme

Congratulations on the forthcoming birth of your baby!

This Program starts on month four of your pregnancy, then one session a month until your beautiful baby arrives. A combination of Hypnotherapy & Holistic Therapies, this program will allow you to break through any fears of childbirth, settle irrational thoughts, ease aches and pains and can help you feel calm and grounded throughout your whole Pregnancy. If you have suffered a miscarriage prior, you may feel like you are walking on egg shells. This in depth program can address all of these fears, put them to rest, so you can go on to enjoy this magical time.

Research has shown that those who have Hypnosis & Holistic Therapies during pregnancy, can expect a shorter labour by up too 40%. It also encourages the right hormones to flow at the right time. You will also find "Baby" relaxes so much at each session.

Jacquelyn Haley is also a certified Doula (a non medical midwife) FREE MP3 Recordings of each session to take away. Mindfulness Meditation MP3 sent on Booking.


Working Together to Give You Freedom from Pain

Living with Chronic Pain can be draining and can often lead to other health issues such as depression and anxiety.

There is so much research to show that pain can now be reduced or eliminated. Our minds are very clever at protecting us. It can hold on to our pain as a form of protection. A part of the mind known as our Sub-Conscious has a role to keep us alive, it is the place where we store many things, including old memories. The technique's I use are more effective when we discover the root cause of your pain.

I am a fully qualified and insured OldPain2Go Practitioner. I am trained and mentored by Steven Blake MBA, founder of this methodology.

Through-out your session, I can teach you simple techniques for pain management that you can use in the comfort of your own home. FREE MP3 Recording of the session to take away. Free Mindfulness MP3 Meditation given on booking.


Hypnotherapy - A Highly Effective Therapy

Hypnotherapy does Work!

Hypnosis is so effective as it works with the part of our mind that controls everything, The Subconscious Mind, through using the power of Hypnosis we can go on to make radical changes. Hypnosis is often thought of as Mind Control, however nothing could be more further from the truth. It actually allows us to take back our control. Hypnosis is motivating, releasing and life changing. It can help us conquer many things that may be holding us back.

Hypnosis is the Greek word for sleep, yet we arn't actually sleeping during hypnosis, we are aware of our surroundings at all times. Hypnosis is simply "sleep" for our nervous system, it can by-pass our "monkey mind", slow down it's chatter and work on the deeper part of us to make profound and lasting changes.

What you see listed in our Service's section, is not exhaustive, so if there is anything you can not see on this site, please get in to touch to discuss via our Contact Us Section.

All session's come with a MP3 Recording and a FREE Mindfulness Meditation upon booking

THE Hypnotic Gastric Band Weight Loss Program

A SIX Week Weight Management and Lifestyle Program

Weight Loss is such an emotional journey.  In December 2018, at 18stone 6lbs,  I was at my all time heaviest.  A succession of accidents, greif & truma and  having children,  left me severely over weight and classed as Morbidly Obese.  I had also received several health scares that year.  I knew I had to take action and lose weight.  Even though I held all the necessary qualifications,  had been fit and slim most of my life, I still felt lost as where to start!   Through my training and experiences over the years, I soon realised -:

  • We don't always have the ability to "let go" as JUST DO IT!
  • We often do not have the energy and feel STUCK
  • We can also feel frequently tired,  run down and overwhelmed
  • We loose confidence, lack motivation and inspiration in believing  WE CAN!

I picked up the phone to my friend and fellow therapist Derek Chapman and said "Help" .  We instantly got to work! I have lost FOUR Stone since and my target of a 6 Stone Weight Loss is NOW in sight!

I aim to hit "it" by November 22nd 2019.  

I am NOW SO passionate about Weight Loss, I have decided to make  "The Hypnotic Gastric Band Weight Loss & Lifestyle Program" my main NICHE. It was especially written to heal underlaying anxiety & negative emotions which has been proven to cause weight gain!    My aim is to help as many people  as I can to lose their excess pounds, get healthy and regain their confidence.  My message is so strong and clear "If I can Do It - Then You Can Do IT"  !

In August 2019, "This Morning"  featured two sisters who lost a whopping FIVE STONE each by using a HYPNOTIC GASTRIC BAND.  Sharon Ward and Jackie Haye spent FOUR full days in therapy oversea's! What a transformation !

However - It was also very EXPENSIVE! 


The great NEWS is,  you do not have to pay excessive prices or go OVERSEAs.  I am based in the UK!  I also work over SKYPE! Over the years, I have trained in Psychology in Obesity,  Emotional Eating Disorders, Hypnosis for Weight Loss, Nuero Lingistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Therapy & Nutrition.  I am also a qualifed FITNESS INSTRUCTOR. A DYNAMIC combination which will get your the RESULTS you DESERVE!


The MIND believes what it conceives!  This has been known by scholars for 1000's of years.  Modern Science is now catching up and several areas of research are showing conclusive!     Through Hypnosis & NLP techniques,  I will guide you to believe you are actually receiving a medical Gastric Band.  Before the Hypnotic Gastric Band is fitted,  I will  ensure all your negative belief's and thought's are completely overridden and replaced with positive ones!  The outcome is a complete shift in perception which leads to motivational weight loss.

Take a look at my testimonials and Contact me via this site.  I can't wait to start working with you!



click this link to be taken to the THIS MORNING's You Tube link where two sisters  lost 5 stone using this Technique

FREE MP3's after each session. Includes Bonus Mindfulness Meditation MP3 upon booking!

Free Yourself from Your Fear's and Phobia's

Live Your Life Free From Fear & Phobia's

Hypnotherapy does Work!

Living with a Fear or a Phobia can be so annoying and frustrating, especially when it affects your every day life. I have seen so many suffer over the years. More often or not we are working with a repressed emotion linked to a fearful event, they can also come from a learnt behaviour that we may have picked up from others as children. Many fears, such as spiders and insects can be an ancestral memory.

There is so much research based on this theory alone. Regardless of where they come from or how they started, my role is to find that reason and remove them so you can go on to live in with out them.
I treat a full range of fears and phobias. There are too many to list. What ever your fear or phobia is , I can work with you.

One session is usually all that is needed. This can be discussed at your appointment. FREE MP3 Recording to take away.

IBS & Digestive Disorder's

A 12 week program to eliminate symptoms

I had the pleasure of training directly with Michael Mahoney, one of the world’s leading Hypnotherapists in IBS and Digestive Disorders. His program has proven to be 85% successful and is widely recognised by the NHS.

The symptoms of IBS are many, I would always strongly recommend a visit to your GP and Consultant's in order to make a correct diagnosis.

Hypnosis has been shown to be an effective treatment for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) in a number of clinical studies. Hypnotherapy for IBS involves progressive relaxation, suggestions of soothing imagery and sensations focused on your specific symptoms. Considerable improvements have been made with Hypnosis, especially with well-being, quality of life, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, and bloating.

Research has found that hypnotherapy can help improve the primary symptoms of IBS. It may also help relieve other symptoms, such as nausea, fatigue, backache, and urinary problems. Hypnosis can offer symptomatic, psychological and physiological relief. This Program is also very effective for stress. We measure this at each session by documenting your symptoms as they reduce week on week.

This course is based on six sessions, one session every two weeks. The course is more effective when MP3's are listened to every night. You will receive six MP3's in total, with a specific order of when to listen to them. We can confirm all this with you at your appointment. I have seen Hypnosis bring so much relief to many over the years, your IBS can be a thing of the past.

I also go through full dietary information with you. Free Mindfulness Meditation MP3 on Booking

Regression Therapy Package

Complete Package into Regression Therapy & Past Lives

Do You Believe You Have an Energetic Block?

Regression To Cause Hypnosis is  a form of Hypnotherapy that  can be used to heal and transform the root causes of a physical illness, mental illness,  emotional issues and patterns.  It is an advanced therapy and can be very quick and effective for healing past trauma.  Many myths around this beleive that we "re-live" our past traumas,  but we dont', we can neever re-live what has happpeded, that would be impossile, however, we can "revisit" in a safe and effective manner.


Jacquelyn has been trained thouroughly in this area.  Her main tutor is Beryl Comer  at  the Dave Elman Institute in America.  Dave Elman is one of our modern pioneers in this therapy and is where much of others gain their knowldege and teachings.  She is also trained in Spiritual Hypnosis.

Jacquelyn has underteken several trainings in this area including

Mark Beale The Past Life Awakening Institute

Marisa Peer Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT)

Wendie Webber - Regress to Cause Hypnosis (RTCH)

This Package includes:

  • Age Regression & Hypnoanalysis  (This Life)
  • Past Life Regression
  • Life Between Lives 
  • Spiritual Release Therapy 

Regression to Cause Hypnotherapy  can help us connect to a deeper part of ourselves to get answers about our past trauma, relationships, career aspirations, fears, desires and even our life purpose at large.

Age Regression can help us to uncover any negative feelings we have, both emotional and physical.    It can be quite the norm to slip back into Past Lives during these sessions and if so, this complete package can defiantly get to the root cause of any blocks you may have and clear them.

Past Life Regression is based on a belief of reincarnation, namely that your soul is eternal. Held by some cultures and spiritual traditions, it is believed that your soul evolves lifetime to lifetime in different bodies to allow it to grow through a succession of life lessons.  The mystics state that our sole reason here on earth is to evolve so we don't have to return again.

A second belief of Past Life  Regression is Karma, the spiritual principle of cause and effect, in which your past experiences, thoughts and actions directly impact your present and future. While we can  understood from psychology that our parents, childhood and life experiences impact who we are in this life, karma takes this concept further to span your soul’s past lives.

With much experience of PLR,  past client's  have received some fascinating results and have gained so much clarity and insight from their sessions.

When Past Life Therapy is completed, we can them move on to Life Between Life Therapy which is essential for breaking through time bonds and karmic attachments.

We then finalise this package with a Spiritual Release Therapy which ensures any thing negative that may have attached to us from the past has been completely released and put to rest.

This program can be viewed as purely spiritual,   however it is not, it produces  clinical therapeutic solutions.  We always advise to come with an open mind and learn something completely new about yourself.

Real or imagined - it does not matter.  What matters the most - are your positive results!

Clinical Reflexology

A Single Session Treat or Book as Part of A Package

Reflexology is the application of pressure to areas on the feet (or the hands). Reflexology is generally relaxing and may help alleviate stress.

The theory behind reflexology is that areas of the foot correspond to organs and systems of the body. Pressure applied to the foot is believed to bring relaxation and healing to the corresponding area of the body.

Reflexologists use foot charts to guide them as they apply pressure to specific areas. Reflexology is sometimes combined with other hands-on therapies and may be offered by chiropractors and physical therapists, among others.

Several studies indicate that reflexology may reduce pain and psychological symptoms, such as stress and anxiety, and enhance relaxation and sleep. Given that reflexology is also low risk, it can be a reasonable option if you're seeking relaxation and stress relief.