Anxiety & Trauma Release Program

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Living with Anxiety can be soul destroying, this proram will help you release your Anxiety & Trauma over 4 weekly sessions.


Anxiety, the silent Soul Destroyer.

Living with Anxiety can be soul destroying, this proram will help you release your Anxiety & Trauma over 4 weekly sessions.

A Hypnotic Mind Coaching Program incorporating life style changes which include, eating for health, moving for health and learning correct relaxation techniques.

Through our weekly sessions, we will explore your Anxiety in depth to allow us to get to the root cause. Once we find this, we can safely eradicate it. Jacquelyn also has a background in fitness & nutrition, two subject areas, which are paramount for recovery.

FREE MP3 Recordings with each session to take away away including a FREE Mindfulness Meditation MP3.

11 reviews for Anxiety & Trauma Release Program

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