I’m writing this testimonial as I’ve had a few discussions with people lately who have been interested in my hypnotherapy sessions for smoking cessation.

I met Jacquelyn Haley back in my hypnotherapy practice days. However as life happens stress, trauma etc led me back to unhealthy smoking habit. I decided that Kians birthday 23rd March 2022 would be my last cigarette. I then had an amazing hypnotherapy session the following day with Jacqui. The support she gave was top class and coaches you through every step of the way. I can now confidently say its been almost 5 months since my last cigarette and I feel my 🫁 have improved as a result.

Jacqui has many therapies in her tool kit, hypnotherapy being just one she uses in a combination of others during her sessions. Jacqui has also helped me in other sessions with some personal psychological stuff that was mentally blocking me. It’s safe to say we’ve had results there aswell.

My mam has also received hypnotherapy with Jacqui and won’t mind me saying she’s lost 1 stone in weight!!!!

Self employed therapists are worth their weight in gold, they know their stuff, are trained to help address issues at the root cause. Jacqui can help address a wide range of issues. Please help someone’s business by sharing this testimonial.

To get in touch with this amazing lady contact:

Jacquelyn Haley 07368919833

Danielle Louise