I contacted Jacquelyn Haley in May to ask if I could get help with mecleaning! I have a busy life and 3 young boys and getting the house organised can be chaos.

I needed something or someone to put a bomb up me backside to get on of a day !

I spoke to Jac which I must say was brilliant, down to earth and hilarious. She could really relate to me. Women can be so snidey when it comes to stuff like this and admitting I needed help was hard, so that was such a bonus for me.

We did a few things to do with helping me change my mind, which was a bit bonkers but it worked so I didn’t give a stuff (trying not to swear here 🤣) .

I got the MP.3 sent to me the next day and it was amazing. Lifted me up, kicked my a**e and I could listen to it anywhere as none of this “going under ” faff you would expect.

It’s now 2 months on, my house is cleaner, I feel great and I can’t thank Jac enough and I can’t recommend this lady enough either ! Top Mark’s from me .

Rebecca Carr