ruth bayley

I’ve had Jacqui work with me a few times as I find her work so empowering and helpful.
The first time was when I was in extreme throat pain and she did some distance reiki. I love Reiki and have had it many times yet this was the first time I’d ever experienced it by distance. So powerful was it that we both saw the same vision at the same time even though we were physically a couple of hundred miles apart.

The intense feeling of well being from having reiki has to be experienced to understand. I think Jacqui’s work is outstanding and puts me at my ease effortlessly.

The second time I worked with Jacqui I was having mental and physical blocks about a project I was about to undertake, I was afraid of what people might think of me. Working with me on Skype Jacqui did an exercise where she used her hands to pull the block out of my body.

As mad as it sounds, I could feel it leaving my body, it was incredible, and it’s allowed me to go forward without fear in my new project.
Thank you Jacqui!

Ruth Bayley