I got in touch with Jacquelyn via Twitter a few weeks ago in regards getting myself motivated to do what’s best for me and focusing on my own priorities, as I constantly support those around me and I don’t feel as if I have a lot of time for what I want to do for my own life and pursuing my career. I had a mindset of not feeling 100% happy and after one phone call, I instantly felt so much better talking to her. I went to the gym felt in high spirits, was able to talk to new people as I’m not the most confident individual that gave me a huge boost, I even decided to go out and was talking to members of staff at a local deli, felt happy talking and growing my confidence. That one phone call made that week and even to this moment so much better, focusing on myself and working towards what I want to do with my life as of this moment. Jacquelyn made me a Motivational Hypnosis recording – she just got me.

So I definitely recommend Jacquelyn for anybody! Such a kind, caring & sweet person.

Thank You!

Ashley Dawkins