Jacquelyn  has been helping me mentally & emotionally get rid of a former friend who became aggressive and left massive emotional damage.

Before hypnosis, Jac explained how she was going to work, what to expect, details of choose a finger for emotional hypnosis response where the brain responds physically though not via the conscious mind.
The hypnosis was very straightforward and I felt so much better immediately. She literally pulled out of me the damaged part and without it eating away at me I feel I have processed the damage and let go of it all.

Afterwards I was given the opportunity to sit still because hypnosis can be tiring to the physical state. Now, I remember my friend with no emotional feelings, I am no longer tied to them. They are just a person I knew once: perfect!

Jac has followed-up with questions about any niggles and been so kind and professional.

Thank you so much Jacquelyn, I couldn’t feel this calm and in control without you. Highly recommended.

Rachel Bould