Is Now The Time to Release Your Trauma and Live Life Again?
Is Now The Time to Release Your Trauma and Live Life Again?
So many people go through life suffering from anxiety, trauma and upset. The levels are different in everyone as no two people are the same. Using Hypnotherapy, NLP and other Psycho Sensory Techniques such as EMDR & Emotional Freedom Therapy has been proven in peer reviewed studies to eradicate and reduce trauma, C-PTSD and anxiety symptoms.

My Story

I began my love and passion of Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis in 2005.    Living and working oversea's in the Canary Islands, I led a 5 star luxurious  life style -  which meant one thing most of us dread - Weight Gain!

I Knew Things Had To Change

I had also suffered a late miscarriage in 2004 and two earlier ones prior.    My unresolved grief and trauma had started to take its toll.

I had lost motivation, energy and my sparkle. I knew I needed help.   I quickly got to work researching various Weight Loss methods, I discovered Paul Mckenna a famous UK Hypnotist and became very intrigued by his work.

Not hesitating for one moment,  I ordered his Hypnotherapy Motivational Weight Loss CD  System. Within a month of listening daily, twice a day, I was up, running along the beach , mindfully eating, but something else had happened, I was no longer fixated with weight loss. I discovered the sole reason why I was over eating and low in energy, I had been holding on to the past hurt of my pregnancy losses.   This is was when my life totally changed.    I lost 14lbs that month and conceived my first child, a little Girl in 2006, my second, a little Boy in 2007.

I was competely Fascinated

Fascinated by this Scientific Phenomena we know as Hypnosis,  I wasted no time in using my maternity leave wisely and qualified in Clinical Hypnotherapy in 2008.  It was the first of my many Diploma's in Hypnosis, Counseling, Psychology, Advanced Hypnotherapy, Meditation and Stress Management.   I can firmly say it was the best decision I have ever made.

Over the years, as with many of us, life can be full of twists, turns, losses, trauma's, grief and illness. Its a sad fact of life.  I have not been immune to any of these things.  Hypnosis and Mind Coaching has been a constant in my life.  It's enriched it in many ways.  As a result I have two beautiful children and a career I am so passionate about.

Learning from my Experience

Experience has taught me, there  is never a right time to Let Go,  I firmly believe that with the right guidance and support, you can do this.   What ever it is you are looking to Let Go of, my only advice to you is this - STOP PUTTING IT  OFF, Just Do It.  Sadly I know  just how precious life is and you only have one!  I can't stress that enough.  You deserve to live it in complete Health & Happiness.  You deserve to have that Freedom I speak about, you deserve to have the courage to finally Let Go.


N.B.  Jacquelyn Haley is also a Graduate from The University of Glamorgan in Clinical Complementary Health Care.  She is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Energy Worker.  Jacquelyn is further qualifed in Fitness,  Nutrition and a Level 3 Personal Trainer.  In 2016, she further qualifed as a Doula (A Non-Medical Midwife) to fully support her Fertility &  Maternity work.

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