My sister contacted Jacquelyn in February this year. I had been diagnosed with a brain tumour twice and had to have surgery each time to remove it . The surgeons could not remove it all due to where it was . I could have become paralysed and they managed to contain it.

I was suffering 4 or more Non Epeitlepic Fits a day, almost lost the use of my right leg, and was riddled with anxiety. I could not go out and was totally dependant on my family .

My Neurolgist recommended using Hypnosis and we found Jacquelyn Haley.

Due to my fits I could not see her so she sent me a specially recorded Mindfulness Meditation and expressed the importance of a Keto Diet and sent me a recipie book witch helps with epilepsy. I listened each day and Miracaualousy the fits started to subside and I started to feel so much better . In March started to visit Jacquelyn for HYPNOTHERAPY and Reflexology. I also continued with my lifestyle changes and meditation at home.

In June my fits had gone down to 1 every 9 weeks. I then had full regression therapy. I am ex militarily so this was ideal for this.

It is 29th December 2019 now and I have not had a fit since July 2019. My limp is so much better also, in fact its almost gone.

Because of my brain tumour and what is left and where it is. I will never be able to work again and perhaps will always be at risk, but if you told me this time last year I would be feeling this great . I would have laughed at you and never have believed this would be possible.

What a difference a year makes and I will always be grateful to Jac and all she has done for me and my family. She is a diamond of a girl and so genuine . I can’t recommend her enough and my neurologist has all her details to refer onto also.

My photo is with her dog Elmo who passed away a few weeks back. He is my angel in the sky.

Thank you so much Jac – friend for life 🍺👍🏽🍺

Chris Davies