I have met some new exciting friends recently that invited me to attend a Relaxation evening with Jacquelyn Haley. They use Relaxation a lot, and cannot recommend her highly enough. Anxiety is not something I suffer with, thankfully I take after my Warrior Grandmother. But I am very interested in the MIND, and how it is possible to use Hypnotherapy to heal that broken record (past bad memory/events) that haunt so many people. Or just to get out of a rut.

Jacquelyn has a very relaxing voice that takes you on a beautiful safe journey where people can relax in a true meditation state. Her storytelling in this relaxation process is unbelievable. The thing I adore about her is that she genuinely loves people. There is a true kindness in her heart, which puts her way above some Hypnotherapists that sadly put profit before their clients. The Hypnotherapists that are all about the money, in my view FAIL.

After the Relaxation session I listened to how happy people were and how much they enjoyed the session. Many remarked on how Jacquelyn’s voice helped them to reach that true relaxation state like no other. She most certainly has a GIFT.

Before Christmas I recommended Hypnotherapy to someone I love and care about. My own Hypnotherapy experience 20+ years ago left me on a natural high. The confidence building, knowing your own mind, and letting go of past events is something I cannot praise enough. Sadly, the Hypnotherapist I had died. So I had to find a new one, and this lady was dreadful. I witnessed the loved one I had recommended Hypnotherapy to, sad after Hypnotherapy sessions. I knew something was wrong as I was always on a natural high after Hypnotherapy. Quite honestly I did not like the way this Hypnotherapist was trying to change the person I love and care about and change her career path, especially as she had not taken time to look at what this person was good at. I will not say who this Hypnotherapist is. But I will say that some people pay to get to the top of the Search Engines with Hypnotherapy. Jacquelyn Haley does not do this, her REAL reviews speak for themself.

Currently, I want to try and earn some money so I can send the loved one to Jacquelyn to undo the damage the bad Hypnotherapist did. I cannot recommend Jacquelyn enough. Honest, kind people in this world are TREASURES because they put people before profit. However, they do need to pay bills. So I would ask anyone to leave Jacquelyn a review to help her on her way. By helping her, you are helping others find her, instead of being let down by a Hypnotherapist that simply only cares about MONEY and not people, and needs to cheat her way to the top of the search engines by paying to be there.

P.S. I believe Good Hypnotherapy and Real Nutrition is the way forward. Always do your research and be a three thinker. Good luck everyone. If I can cure my Asthma with plants, anything is possible!

Sharon J. Bainbridge (UK)

Sharon J. Bainbridge