I am going to give Jacqui 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟. Because she is fabulous , bossy, but fabulous! 🤣

I did her old course 4 years ago at her shop and we met every week. It was “my” time out and I could focus so easily. I lost weight then .

I have put weight back on due to an in going health issue. So joined Jacs course on line. I have to admit I did prefer face to face and missed the laughs at the class room style course. I found I could not find time to listen to the Hypnosis even though Jac covers stress and time management. Top Mark’s to J. She is brilliant and knows her stuff but for me . The way forward is the face to face weekly classes. When can we start Jacquelyn Haley 😅😅

Kelly D Esmonde