Weight Loss Program with Hypnotic Gastric Band


Weight Loss Program with Hypnotic Gastric Band


If you can answer yes to these questions, this is for you:

  • ⚠️Are you stuck in a RUT with your WEIGHT?
  • ⚠️Are you sick and tired of planning what to wear each day – wishing you didn’t have to always wear leggings?
  • ⚠️Do you worry about your health & future?
  • ⚠️Do you wish you had more energy?
  • ⚠️Have you had enough of feeling flabby and frumpy?
  • ⚠️Do you wish you could wake up one day feeling sexy and confident with person who looks back at you in the Mirror?

Can you answer YES to any or all these ! I bet you can – do you know how I know this? I would have said the same this time last year !

In November 2018. I had had several health scares. It was time for a huge reality check for me. It was time to ditch the excuses and take Action. I used Hypnotherapy & Mind Coaching.

We all know Obesity is the one of the World’s biggest health care epidemics and the WEIGHT LOSS INDUSTRY profits billions year on year. There are gimmicks and quick fixes every where we look!



We look outside for solutions , we take product’s, join clubs, gyms, listen to Susan from the corner shop. We search for answers outside of ourselves – when in reality – you are the only one with them ! You just can’t see it – YET!

My Six week PROGRAM will help you to SEE this clearly. The LIGHT BULB will go on! Once this happens, it is a simple change in thought process.

Through weekly Hypnotherapy Coaching Sessions I will :-

  • ✅Help you fully accept yourself for who you are
  • ✅Help you identify negative emotions and your triggers.
  • ✅Allow you to go deep Into the core of your “STORY” and shift your perception.
  • ✅Help you ERRADICATE your FOOD cravings
  • ✅Educate you on Nutrition & Gut Health
  • ✅Help you reduce your portion sizes
  • ✅Plan your Fitness & Movement schedule .
  • ✅Motivate you & inspire you to stay the course
  • ✅Help you over come hurdles and resistance
  • ✅Fit you with the HYPNOTIC GASTRIC BAND
  • ✅Provide you with your own personal Recipe Book & Journal

You have an option of working with me face to face or on line

What are you waiting for? Now is THE TIME.

Contact me today for your FREE Strategy CALL & Consultation.

Let’s DITCH the DIET, LOSE the FAT and get that Sexy, Confident you back!